Elmo/Kevin Clash PR Crisis

Kevin Clash, 52 year puppeteer, the voice behind Elmo from Sesame Street is alleged of have sexual relations with two minor boys. With a pending lawsuit awaiting Clash resigned from Sesame Workshop.  It has also been reported that Sesame Workshop already knew about this complain and had an internal investigation however, the company decided to let Clash continue to work.  With Clash’s exit what does it mean for Elmo? Well, the Sesame Street is a successful long running American kids show and in spite of its recent controversy I feel that with right man for the job, who can easily fill in the shoes of Clash can help bring and  keep the show and Elmo to life.  I personally don’t think that Elmo is tainted by Clash’s actions, Elmo has a unique and positive place in the hearts of millions of American Kids and with the right new puppeteer none of Clash’s action could affect the character of Elmo. I think Sesame Street’s PR team adequately handled Clash’s situation.  The only think I would do if I was a part of their PR team is to let Clash have an official press conference to clear the company’s name and the association of him with the character of Elmo. I suggest this because many parents are concerned, that in spite of the investigation Sesame Workshop allowed Clash to work in children’s setting towards children’s education.  In my opinion, Elmo’s future depends on who the Sesame Street hires in place of Clash. If the new puppeteer is skilled and has his/her special touch they can sway the kids in no time.

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8 thoughts on “Elmo/Kevin Clash PR Crisis

  1. I don’t think Elmo is tainted after this incident either, like you said he is a well known character in which many children have grown up watching. With a new person I think Elmo can continue to be a great character for kids to watch. I also like that you suggested a press conference from Clash to clear the name of Sesame Street.

  2. Giving Clash the chance to have a voice in the controversy is moving in the right direction. The man has been accused and nothing has been proven. Though you’re right, parents are nervous because Clash does work in a setting aimed at little kids, the incident was almost ten years ago if it happened at all. Clash has been Elmo for 28 years, though he will be hard to replace, due to the nature of the accusations, replacing him is the best option Sesame Street has.

  3. I agree that a press conference to clear up the situation would be a good thing. Anything Sesame street does at this point it would be better than what they have done. People need to know some kind of update on the situation. I believe whoever Sesame Street replaces Clash with will be great. It is the voice of Elmo and I am sure can be done masterfully by another person.
    -Lindsey D.

  4. I totally agree when you say that Elmo’s future depends on who they hire to replace him. I would hate for someone new to come in and completely botch him! I also agree that Elmo isn’t tainted by this whole thing. Elmo is awesome. And will always be awesome.

  5. I think that it was wrong of Sesame Street to try and keep this situation under the cover. But I agree that Elmo’s character won’t be tainted by a 52 year old pervert. We all have to remember that Elmo is a puppet. All that is needed to replace Clash is someone with the right voice. The voice of Elmo is unique, but I don’t think its irreplacable. Excellent post.

  6. kellywinkler says:

    I agree that Elmo’s image will not be affected. Like you said, so many people love Elmo and he has been around for years. I do not think this scandal will ruin the reputation of the character at all.

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