2017 Confession #1:



Thats us 🙂


As you all might already know from reading my, “Wedding Diary Series,” earlier this year I got married. By no means am I a veteran like my mother, who has been married for 35+ year’s, but as a new wife I do have my first year confessions to share.

Those who get to marry their bestfriend/soulmate are the luckiest in the world. But like all things in life, every new chapter brings its own set of adventures.

Word of wisdom: being married is not as easy as getting married. And here you thought planning that “perfect to the T” dream wedding was the hardest thing you have accomplished…pshhh.

Marriage is a wonderful turning event of life, but it certainly is a new way of life to get acclaimed too. For all the newly weds it is the mindset transition you have to make from the dating lifestyle. Do I compare it to what my life was like before it, YOU BET! Would I change a thing now, HELL NO! Patience, Love, Respect, and Honestly are the true ingredients to make it to that silver jubilee diamond necklace. If you’re thinking of saying YES to that ring, go right ahead girlfriend; take that adulting adventure to the next level. Just remember, it takes Mr. Right to strike Mrs. Always Right 😉

Photo Courtesy: Dhara Shah


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