2017 Confession #2:


Christmas in Silicon Valley

An inside into the Valley:

Early this year, I moved to San Francisco Bay area. To say it was just a move from always living on the east coast would be an understatement. The place that I now call home is more commonly known as the Silicon Valley aka Valley. The Valley encompasses of all the nice cities you know from paper headers (or Beach Boys songs) and is the core of giant tech hubs.

As a new inhabitant, at first it feels strange, it is an overload of tech talks. Self-driving cars and sharing sidewalks with ROBOTS dropping off groceries is considered everyday norm here. An app is used for pretty much anything and everything. But once you are able to snap out of the futuristic living one can truly begin to appreciate the dense amount of intelligence packed in this place.

Being the Tech Hub, the area is a testing ground for all companies before mass rollouts. Discussing news and politics is the thing of the past here; the Valley and its people are focused on the future. Most coffee conversations are about scrutinizing outrageous ideas, and the people here are crazy enough to make it true; only weapon they need…is a computer.

With its 7 million population and a multi billion-dollar vision, the Valley is the most fascinating and exciting place I have ever lived in. Besides the mindboggling technology here, California is beautiful, full of stunning nature and landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge. If you have never visited this part of the world, I encourage you to put it on your bucket list to not only come visit but to live and to be part of the tech revolution, which affects the entire planet. In my personal opinion, its like no other place in the world.


Photo Courtesy: Dhara Shah & Google



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