Girl where ya at now???


It’s that time of the year, to take on a great adventure.  I’m off to the land of the rising sun, you guessed it…..Japan for 12 days HALLELUJAH!!!!!! My level of excitement is unmatched, to the point I have been dreaming Ramen these days lol. This is my first for exploring an Eastern Asian country. I am really not sure on what to except, but I’m sure it is going to be a big cultural explosion and I am looking forward to it with utmost optimism and an open mind. Being real, I am a bit intimidated because I absolutely cannot speak or read Japanese and I have heard English is very limited outside major cities like Tokyo, my moto #you cant kill my vibe lol.

I have done some extensive research and have a super pack itinerary planned. I am planning a thorough trip of the vast island, kick starting it from Tokyo all the way to the bottom tip of Hiroshima. I am honestly so excited to see what Japan has to offer and to share this experience with you all; this trip is my bucket list goals. Please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions/recommendation on where to go, what to do and ofcouse fooood.

Back at you with all things Japaneese in a few weeks. Stay Tune. Sayounara!

Photo Courtesy: Google Images