My PR Idol?

People often have a role model that they look up to that inspires them to do things and act a certain way, even think.  For many PR professional’s it would be Ivy Lee, George Creel, Edward Bernays, Daniel J. Edelman or etc. However, for me my role model is not these people but rather their work and their passion for PR.

I don’t personally know this people, however I do know their famous campaigns and the impact it made on people. Creativity is my role model. While working at my newly acquired internship job, I have realized how peculiar and creative ideas could be. Ideas need to be bold; bold enough to change the way people think or even force people to think about the message. The one campaign that stuck with me through my intro to PR class till today is of Bernays, women’s cigarette smoking campaign in 1920s. According to me that was brilliant, it forced people to think differently and broke several taboos that society had on women.

I love taking a new approach at old things. Let’s face it, we do live in an era where routine and common is considered boring. Today everything changes in matter of days; to keep life and ideas fresh on the same old concept, new and innovative ideas need to be placed. PR is the line for the creative thinkers and of courageous individuals who are not afraid to try new things.

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What have I learned from Intro to PR

Unbelievable, this semester is all most over, time really does fly when you’re having fun. We have covered a lot of ground this semester in this class. As a final note I have created a presentation about five most important, beneficial, and interesting this that I found  in my Intro to PR class.

I would also like to thank my professor, peers, and guest speakers for encouraging me this semester. This class was very important for me in deciding  if PR is the right career choice for me and what opportunities can PR offer me after graduation. Hope all of you have enjoyed reading my blogs, because I had so much fun blogging and I hope to continue to blog.

Good luck for the finals, and enjoy your SUMMER!

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I am ready are you? PR Job Available!

There is currently a job posting for Georgia Southern University’s Career Services Department for a Marketing/ Public Relations Intern for the fall 2012 semester. It is an entry-level position open to all GSU students who are interested in marketing, public relations, and journalism.  Some of the public relations pieces expected to write are; writing a copy and articles for campus newspaper, webpage and newsletters (student, faculty, employer and parent), developing materials to market events and services to students and employers (newsletters, flyers, postcards/handouts, etc.), conducting focus groups, surveys and other research techniques to determine areas of growth, assist with the data tracking of marketing strategies and the social media platforms. Also assist with the planning and coordination of special events. Fortunately I can conduct most of these expected requirements like writing articles for campus newspaper, webpage, and newsletter because of my experience from working at The George Anne (Student Media, campus newspaper). After taking my design class I feel very comfortable making flyers, postcards, and handouts. I also believe that I would be comfortable in conducting research, thanks to my communications research class.  However, I am not sure of how to data track, and successfully organize and conduct a special event on a large-scale. I am looking forward to my Marketing, Advertising, and Events Planning class to make me more confident and a better PR practitioner in the long run.

If you are interested in this position, the posting number is 0606966.

Comments on other Blogs

My Response:

1. KELLYMMC: public relations elements in the Dove Real Beauty campaign” 

Hey Kelly,

You did a great job explaining and connecting the Dove Real Beauty campaign with elements of public relations. I completely agree that this campaign was very well thought out and it includes several public relations aspects like; situation, objectives, audience, strategy, tactics, a calendar or timetable, budget, and measurement. I believe that because of these aspects and well thought process this campaign became such a big hit. It actually changed peoples (especially women’s) mind and influenced them to buy Dove products. I personally enjoy watching Dove commercials because I can always relate to it.

-Dhara Shah

 2. Chadhester7: “Is this really public relations?”

Hey Chad,

Reading your blog post made me smile, your post is so honest and true. Being a public relations major, this class was my first opportunity in learning what I am really getting into. After coming so far in this semester I have realized that PR is so important and so much more than all those stereotypes out there. Good luck with our future in ministry.  I am sure that having a PR background will prove be a great platform for you to reach the masses and get your message across effectively.

-Dhara Shah

3. Samantha Shore’s Blog: “Diversity Event”

Hey Samantha,

St. Patrick’s Day parade in Savannah definitely has to be recognized as a huge diversity event. There are so many people attending this event that are of different ethnicity, age, gender, and culture. The official Savannah website claims that this event attracts over 300,000 visitors from around the world. I heard of this event when I first moved to Georgia, I was fascinated when I found out it’s the second largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the United States. I have been attending this event every year since I moved here. I completely agree with you that majority of the buzz for this event is created via social media.

-Dhara Shah

4. Ashley’s Avenue: “Blog name-Ashley’s Avenue”

Hey Ashley,

I really liked the meaning behind your blog name, it’s simple but I love how the avenue in your blog’s name is a channel for you to pursue a desired object in this case your opinions on and about PR. That was so well thought. I don’t post my blog on any social media platforms either, because I don’t have that much contributed on it besides the requirements for this class. However, I do feel it’s important to do so as a PR major as it will be something I can show and impress my future employers. I plan to continue to blog and hopeful have some good content to eventually one day connect it through some strong social media platforms. I cannot believe that one of my friend blogs on movie and music reviews and she has 600 subscribers, that is just simply amazing to me.

Good luck with the class!

-Dhara Shah


Hey Dillon,

WOW, thanks for writing this post I have never heard of RedEye before but after reading your post I visited their website and it is absolutely impressive. I completely agree that none of the celebrity coverage or celebrity association matters if you don’t have quality coverage to convey these associations to the masses, in order to influence them. I believe that is the reason why PR practitioners work very closely with so many various departments and because of the team work the message gets across at large. I plan on moving to Miami after graduation, and by look at these pictures I honestly can’t wait to graduate LOL!!!!

-Dhara Shah

6. heatherlandry: “International Public Relations”

Hey Heather,

I completely understand how hard it could be when it comes to choosing a major, how can you pick what profession you want to carry out for the rest of your life when your only 20 something old. At this age we hardly know what we truly are interested in or passionate about. One of the reasons’ why I choose PR as my major is because of its versatility. I can easily explore and excel at what I am interested in at the same time. I know that I am good with representing and convincing and that’s why I believe that PR is the right career choice for me.

Good luck with your future.

-Dhara Shah


My Response on Professor Andrews Blog:


1. PR reminders from blog spam e-mail

I completely agree that getting the name right, having consistency, and being human are the most important aspect. I also believe that having credibility could also be added to this list. By sending a bunch of spam a product or company can lose its credibility among the masses.

Ps. I love how u described the platinum rule, I believe it’s important for everyone in the PR business to adopt it.

2. Would you wear this public relations shirt?

I wouldn’t mind wearing this shirt, because it simply states the truth that there are more females than males in the field of PR. Being a female I am proud that there is a leading industry that is dominated by females because we are better at solving variety of challenges, persuading, event planning, and are creative and sociable.

3. “Scandal”: Is it good for public relations education?

I have not watched this show, but after the classroom discussion and watching the trailer I have already set it on auto recording and I am so excited to watch this show. Personally I love shows/movies that have action and tension building and how people under pressure make brilliant moves to resolve them, and this show exactly seems to be that. I believe this show will give a whole new outlook for students who are considering PR as a major and general audience on a new side of PR, hopefully away for the publicist aspect. I do believe this is the first time this aspect (crisis management) will be portraying via a television show. TV definitely has a much higher impact on people, and because of this show I believe when people visually see something they will truly understand the concept and appreciate the hard work that person in the PR field puts. The only cons I can think from watching the trailer is that, in show that the main character breaks all the rules in order to do her job and this might portray that PR practitioners will go to any extant to convince the media and people, and to influence them.

Why DSHAH029


Since this was my first time creating a blog I decided to look on WordPress to get an idea of what other people were doing. I also looked online for tips on how to create an attractive and interesting blog name. One website said that your blog name will almost become a trademark reflecting who you are, the quality of work you put in your blog, and your credibility as a blogger. I already knew I wanted my name to be part of it, but this website made me realize that I should use DSHAH029. From my cars license plate to my email address everything says DSHAH029, in reality this is my trademark. DSHAH029 is the perfect blog name that will set an identity for me as a blogger. It is something I have been relating to since I was a child. DSHAH029 simply is the first letter of my first name (Dhara) and Shah my last name, followed by 029 which is in reference to my birthday, February ninth (02/9).

The target audiences for my blog are my professors, classmates, future employees, and all those people who are new to PR, since my blog basically hits the basics of what PR is and what a PR practitioner does.  The popular form of communication among my identified audience is via Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. My blog is not currently connected to any social media because I don’t feel that I am completely dedicated to it and I don’t have a large number of posts to attract the masses. However, I occasionally do post links of my weekly blogs on Facebook, because it grabs many of my friends’ attention and it encourages them to comment and give their view on the issue, which eventually makes the topic controversial or appreciated.

I do plan on continuing to blog over the summer, to build my blogs credibility, educate people about PR, and to give my opinion to the world. By this year I hope to have done some amazing work on here to eventually be able to strongly connect my blog through various social media platforms, to get my word out to the masses and to generate buzz.

Portrayal of PR in Mass Media

Discuss the portrayal of public relations in mass media. Are the images helpful or hurtful to the field? Can/should these images be changed?

Most people do not know what public relations is and what kind of work public relations practitioners do. The mass media frequently considers being a publicist or planning events to be the primary job of public relations practitioners. However, the mass media does not realize that behind every organization’s image is the hard work of public relations practitioners. Public relations practitioners put in several hours of hard work; writing press releases, making media kits, promoting, campaigning, planning, budgeting, and doing much more behind the scenes chores.

Due to these kinds of assumptions by the mass media, the overall image of the field of public relations is damaged. Due to the lack of knowledge by the masses, which are unaware of the kind of work these practitioners can provide, the small businesses or organization, will not consider hiring public relations practitioners to help them be successful in their respective organizations.

This image of public relations should definitely change in the views of the mass media. Public relations offer a vast variety of opportunities to individuals or organizations, whether it may be a small company or a huge corporation. The masses should be made knowledgeable of this field of work. Also, it is important for this image to change as it will help future students of public relations major to get jobs related to their field of study. Eventually, the new image change would help prospective students consider and choose public relations as their career.

PR is like Movies

Public Relations and Movies…

Public relations and movies are very much alike and share several similarities. Movies are made within a wide genre that caters to specific audiences, similarly public relations practitioners create campaigns based on clients’ demands, objective, and target audiences. Movies have additional entertainment to attract audiences such as; music, special effects, and an attractive star cast. Public relation uses the similar traits to attract more audiences; the use of promotions, give away incentives, and the use of famous celebrities. Similarly as every movie is made successful with the help of various technicians; public relations gets its support from marketing, advertising, media, personal selling, sales promotions, and direct marketing to better represent their client to the masses.  Satisfaction is a crucial part for movie audiences. The same is true for clients which are represented by public relations practitioners. Communication is the fundamental key for both movies and public relations. Based on effective communication the message can be sent to audiences with its intended objectives. Movies are made with various budgets provided by the producer. Public relations campaigns can be of various budgets based on the client’s affordability and resources. At the end, when a movie becomes a hit it wins an Oscar award similarly, when an extra ordinary public relations campaign is a success it is engraved in the public minds forever (example, got milk? campaign).