New Experiences with Twitter: Peer Comments

Michelle Brown

I have also considered to continue follow some of the required accounts of PR professionals, I think they have some really good insight news of the industry. I really enjoyed reading your tweets this week, great work!

Have a great summer!
-Dhara Shah

Kelly Billey

Like you, even I found out about the Colorado theater shooting through Twitter, it was all over Twitter and everyone was hash tagging it. On CNN they were posting tweets of other people on how they felt of the incident. Clearly the impact of social media is so big. I really enjoyed reading your tweets last week. Have a great summer!

-Dhara Shah


New Experiences with Twitter

I have been on Twitter since the beginning of this year. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy twitter user, I tweet every now and then about random stuff.  However, the experience I had with Twitter this week through my PR Writing class was exceptional. I tweeted everyday on issues that I felt were important and acknowledging to the masses. I constantly got feedback on what others thought of those issues. This assignment really helped me see a whole new side of social media from what I was use to. It was a really new and fun experience for me.

I also discovered some interesting things that I didn’t know already. Something that really amazed me was; in a tweet I had mentioned that I would love to go on a study abroad trip next summer. Within an hour I had two study abroad companies, and a study abroad agent following me. That was really astonishing to me, based on what I said they found me and started marketing their packages to me. I can now see why businesses are so big on using social media to attract consumers.

I think the value I find in using twitter is that, I get to connect on a worldwide base, and get to know professional people who I may not get the chance to talk to in person. Twitter has made the world really small in terms of networking. As a PR major I can now see why social media is such an important platform in reaching the masses. I have also discovered new way to target audience using social media like Twitter. I believe this is going to help me a lot in my PR profession.

I am defiantly going to continuity to use Twitter following this experience. I plan on tweeting on interesting and pressing subjects to get feedbacks and reactions.  I also look forward in learning something new from others around the world.

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Favorite Vacation: Peer Comments

Michelle Johnson

I have been to Mexico once, I went to Cozumel in January to celebrate my 21st birthday. The water there is so beautiful and I had the time of my life. I really liked the people there. I speak very limited Spanish but all the locals were so helpful and understanding. I do agree, I wouldn’t go back, instead I would love to discover new places.

-Dhara Shah


Allison Rachman

Wow!!! Sounds like you had so much fun…I would definitely have to consider going to Costa Rica next summer. The hot springs is something I have always wanted to experience. I have done zip lining through the rain forest of Asheville, it was an amazing adventure, I am sure you had fun doing it. Great Post!!!

-Dhara Shah



Favorite Vacation

I love to travel, visiting places locally and abroad always excites me. I am only 21 years old but have travel to great many places internationally. I was only 9 months old when I first sat in a plane. So basically, travelling is something I have been doing since I was a baby. I am mainly a beach person, exotic beaches and water sport’s is what I always look for in a summer vacation. My family has a ritual of going on a cruise every year to have some quality family time. Last summer we went on a cruise to Alaska, and I will have to admit it is nothing like I have ever seen. The big glaciers, the gold, the wild life there, and just the natural beauty of it made me feel like I was in heaven. There aren’t enough worlds to describe Alaska’s beauty.

What made it so special was my family being there with me, also our cruise ship, NCL Star was awesome. It was like a floating city which consisted of everything you can possible imagine, like a movie theater, coffee shop, clubs, bars, pool, library, shopping centers, gym, spa, and much more. My favorite movement was when we were in Juneau. There we took a helicopter ride to the peak of a glacier. On the cold frozen ice which was so shiny and blue we walked around for a few minutes and then took a dog sledge ride. It was an experience of lifetime.

Even though I consider going to Alaska my favorite vacation spot, I would probably not go back. I think I would rather spend that much money in going to a new place and exploring new adventures there.

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Texting while Walking: Peer Comments

Piper Densmore

I think your suggestion of sending a text through a service that people are already signed up for is a great idea. The service would send text alerts and would encourage pedestrian well as drivers to be more alert of their surroundings. I though the PR tactic used by Delaware was amazing and the same should be adopted by man more states, especially metropolitan areas where texting while walking is a big problem.

Great Post!

-Dhara Shah


Theresa Kiser

I agree with you, waking from class to class is the perfect time to get updated on new emails and texts. I think putting videos on YouTube would be a great PR tactic since the funny factor would draw a huge audience, but it will also send a message to the viewers at the end of it. Great Post!

-Dhara Shah

Texting while Walking

Texting while walking is definitely an emerging issue.  It never occurred to me that this is a dangerous behavior, until I read the Research from Ohio State University. It stated, more than 1,000 emergency-room visits nationwide in 2008 were of pedestrians engaged in cell phone activities. I admit I am personally guilty of using my phone while I am walking somewhere. It’s more of a habit to check my Facebook news-feed, email, and even listen to music while I am walking. On several occasions I have tripped over stuff, however I have never ran into anyone or any vehicle. Nevertheless, I had many people ran into me and even made me stomp the breaks of my car because they weren’t looking up. According to the articles several people have walked into other people, fallen into fountains and lakes, and even died because they were so caught up in their phone to the point they were unaware of their surroundings. I think fining these actions would be a great attempt to outlaw it in the long run.  Banning texting while walking will definitely upset majority of the people but it will only help prevent them from injuring themselves and others with them. Enforcing banning is not the complete solution to the problem, it should be accompanied by several PR campaigns to create awareness and to explain the masses why government it taking this issue so seriously.  I think campaigns like what Delaware has adopted will be very successful, along with campaigns that have a popular spokesperson appealing, banners all over stating statistical facts and several more creative ways to gain the attention of the masses.

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Difficult People: Peer Comments

Jordan Conway

I love your suggested addition to the list. If difficult people don’t get the reaction that they were looking for, it would automatically calm the situation down. After a few attempts they will eventually move on. I personally do this sometimes.  By not giving them a back answer only ends up frustrating them even more, and I stay away from the drama. It’s a win-win situation.

Michelle Brown

Ragan’s list’s has definitely given me new ways to deal with difficult people. It has also helped me understand their reason of being difficult. Like you I’ve never looked at a “difficult” person and thought to consider their strengths and weaknesses nor their goals. I think it’s asking lot from one when they are actually angry and annoyed by that particular person. However, one should consider what might be the reason behind their rigidness. I think we all have been in that situation where we get annoyed by someone’s habit to the point where we consider it difficult to deal with them. But a little bit of empathy and concern can change our perspectives.