Social Media emerges during #blackout

It has been reported by CNN that during the epic failure  #blackout during Super Bowl XLVll there were 231,000 tweets generated PER MINUTE, and the #blackout lasted for about 31 minutes. Clearly when the Superdome blacked out social media light up, more than it ever did during the game. Most of America was already tuned in to watch the big game either for the love of the game or just to see the million dollar commercials. But apparently everyone had something to say, someone to blame for the big fail. PR is all about taking the opportunity and major brands like Oreo, Tide, and Audi took advantage of the moment and started social media advertising which reached so many people, for FREE.

Oreo: “You can still dunk in the dark”

Tide laundry detergent:  “We can’t get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out. #SuperBowl #TidePower.”

Audi:  “Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now…” 

Events like these were often a social gathering of close friends and family but with people increasingly wanting to share their thoughts and experiences with everyone, our social events just got much bigger, on a global scale. It is important for brand to take advantage of this social change. It won’t surprise me to see if brands and businesses get more focused on social media during these types of huge events than solely rely on traditional methods.

So, if you are one of those people who ever wonder why social media should come under PR, well brands are vulnerable online without a strong reputation management leader. Social media should not only be used to communicate with publics during a crisis or to push an agenda, but should take an advantage of each situation and find a way to connect with its publics on their level. It is all about being on the same level these days, people should feel like they can relate to a brand and can have a two way relation.  Reaching the audience is the most important part of PR.

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Social Media & PR: Peer Comments

Jamee McGee,

You are so right, when we hear social media our mind immediately goes to Facebook and Twitter, and don’t even think of other platforms that can give us an opportunity to network and utilize.  Hopefully, after taking this class our perceptions have changed and we are not only ready to manage our personal social media accounts productively but also of multibillion-dollar corporations.

-Dhara Shah

Alexis Williams,

I agree, having a real client and following their activities on social media was the highlight of this class. It not only gave us a real world perspective but also gave us opportunity to use our skills and make recommendations. I personally also liked discussing our client’s online image during discussion posts where we got ideas and recommendations from peer students.

-Dhara Shah


Social Media and Public Relations

Social media is a relevantly new phenomenon that has been changing its definition, functions, uses, communication, and culture since it was discovered.  Like all things it has a positive and a negative side, it is up to the user of this technology what to make out of it. Some of the things that the Social Media and Public Relations class has taught me, are how to use social media to my advantage; for example, effective networking, advertising, and marketing techniques through these platforms.  Social media is so popular and has the power to make a product, idea, brand, and information viral. It is very cost effective way to conduct business in this new age of technology.  Through this class I have also leaned the insides of social media; calculating ROI, the importance of a social media policy, SEO, Groundswell, valuable customer service through social media, and the importance of listening.

By regularly monitoring our client’s social media it made me understand the importance of research, as well as knowing your target audience and making sure they hear you. I also discovered new things that social media can be used for through this class, as well as understood how many forms of social networking exists (blogs, wikis, podcast, bookmarks, etc.).  The social media class also helped me understand what is acceptable to put out on a world recognized platform, where noting is private.  It has also helped me shape myself as a brand to market to the world. Overall, this class was perfect and was an important learning experience in this technologically geared world. It helped me achieve new skills as well as sharpen the ones I already possessed. The only suggestion I would make to add to this course would be to include a lecture on, how to successfully apply on a online environment, as well as how to include your social media skills on your resume.

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Elmo/Kevin Clash: Peer Comments

Lindsey Denton,

I couldn’t agree with you any more when you said, “puppeteer’s and the puppet’s lives are separate.” Often people in powerful positions do something wrong but that does not make the position corrupt or tainted. I think most people understand that Elmo is just a character and the puppeteer was just doing his job, he was not by any means pushing a personal agenda thorough the show. However, what bothers me is why Sesame Workshop kept Clash’s internal investigation a secret. Child molestation is a serious offense and as a responsible company they should have let the police investigate it.

-Dhara Shah

Jamee McGee,

I agree kids who watch Sesame Street are not going to associate Clash’s actions with Elmo. Elmo may have used Clash’s voice but its character and characteristic were written and scripted by Sesame Workshop. Therefore, I personally don’t think the parents have anything to worry about if their children continue to watch Sesame Street. Great Post!

-Dhara Shah

Elmo/Kevin Clash PR Crisis

Kevin Clash, 52 year puppeteer, the voice behind Elmo from Sesame Street is alleged of have sexual relations with two minor boys. With a pending lawsuit awaiting Clash resigned from Sesame Workshop.  It has also been reported that Sesame Workshop already knew about this complain and had an internal investigation however, the company decided to let Clash continue to work.  With Clash’s exit what does it mean for Elmo? Well, the Sesame Street is a successful long running American kids show and in spite of its recent controversy I feel that with right man for the job, who can easily fill in the shoes of Clash can help bring and  keep the show and Elmo to life.  I personally don’t think that Elmo is tainted by Clash’s actions, Elmo has a unique and positive place in the hearts of millions of American Kids and with the right new puppeteer none of Clash’s action could affect the character of Elmo. I think Sesame Street’s PR team adequately handled Clash’s situation.  The only think I would do if I was a part of their PR team is to let Clash have an official press conference to clear the company’s name and the association of him with the character of Elmo. I suggest this because many parents are concerned, that in spite of the investigation Sesame Workshop allowed Clash to work in children’s setting towards children’s education.  In my opinion, Elmo’s future depends on who the Sesame Street hires in place of Clash. If the new puppeteer is skilled and has his/her special touch they can sway the kids in no time.

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Movies: Peer Comments

Piper Densmore,

Beauty and the Beast is a classic and I love it too. I am also excited for The Great Gatsby, I think it’s going to be awesome. I have so far seen all the Twilight movies; however the last one really killed it for me, not sure if I would be going to see the part 2.

-Dhara Shah

Olivia Clements,

I forgot to add Slumdog Millionaire, it was great movie and I loved it. I know a lot of die hard Harry Potter fans, somehow I never liked it. I am not big fan of Sci-Fi movies, the concept just seems to fake to me.

-Dhara Shah



Movies of all time!

I am the biggest movie buff ever, I like all genres of movies, when I choose a movie it really and truly depends on what type of mood I am in. Moreover, I am a huge fan of thrillers, comedies, and romantic movies. One type I don’t ever watch is HORROR movies, I am just not made to handle that stuff, it turns my world upside down.

My top 10 list of all time movies include:

  1. Nine Dead
  2. Exam
  3. Fracture
  4. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
  5. 12 Angry Man
  6. The Dark Knight
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean
  8. 24 Dresses
  9. Thank You for Smoking
  10. Sex and the City 2

Why these movies? Well some are very mind boggling and brilliant, where they challenge you to solve a mystery (I love that), while others are great because of the concept, storyline, and their caste. I also like to watch movies that have a continuous storyline like sequence.  Sex and the City and Thank You for Smoking are two great movies for a PR major, life usually isn’t like that but it motivates you and shows how large and influential the PR industry is.

I am looking forward to the release of the The Great Gatsby, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and several others. It is something I really enjoyed reading and from the trailers looks really good.  Another movie I am desperately waiting for is, 24 the Movie. I absolutely loved the show 24 staring Kiefer Sutherland as agent Jack Bauer. It’s fast paced and shows events in real time, one of my favorite shows to watch and now there releasing a movie for the next series.

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