Wedding Diary #1: Welcome to an Indian Wedding…


In the center of chaos, noise and lots of emotions takes place the perfect recipe for a big fat Indian wedding. Indian weddings are world famous; know for its vibrant colors, music, traditional dresses, rituals, week long celebrations, and let’s not forget the array of delicious regional and international food served. We Indians love to gather people, get loud, and to eat, especially us Gujaratis LOL; and there is no better places than a wedding for all the shenanigans. All this marking the event not just as a wedding but also almost as a festival.

Naturally, all this comes with lots and lots of planning. Most Indian weddings start getting planned at least a year in advance. As I embark on my marriage, the journey till the day of is filled with precious memories and insights into being an Indian bride and on planning the perfect Indian wedding. I am excited and looking forward to sharing my encounters with you all. I have never felt more connected to my roots and traditions than now, I feel so blessed to be an Indian today and to have such rich and beautiful century old traditions to live by.

Stay tuned for the upcoming WD series #2 entry on the ordeals of an Indian wedding.


Photo Credit: Google Images