Whiskey in the Jar- Ireland

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Hello Lads!

Where now? You guessed it right; I am in the land of good luck, shamrocks, kisses, red hair, and pots of gold. This time it’s from Dublin, Ireland. I always wanted to visit Ireland but never actually got to plan it out. I have Are Lingus airlines to thank for this trip. I’m never really this lucky, but I might have caught on to some of that Irish luck when my husband, Prashant scored 2 air tickets to Dublin.

It is an easy 10-hour direct flight from San Francisco to Dublin. This was my first overseas flight when I wasn’t sitting next to a random person and making a new friend. In fact, those are my favorites, it is such an unusual way to get to know someone just by sitting next to them for 10 plus hours. Over the years I have made plenty of friends on flights from all kinds of background; thanks to today’s connected world and through mediums like Facebook we are still in touch. Coming back to sitting next to Prashant, he is a heavy flight sleeper, so I took the opportunity to watch an Irish movie and pulled all of my research out on Dublin and came up with a game plan for the next few days.

Ireland, as I imagined, is lush green and picture perfect with gray stone castles and churches everywhere. It is one of the wettest countries in Europe, thus, a bit of overcast with unannounced showers every now and then. But the weather, gray castles, and greenery everywhere allure me to have transcended to the medieval period. But worry not, the urban capital-city, Dublin, doesn’t keep one at bay from the luxuries of the 21st-century. In regards to its layout, Dublin reminds me a lot, of the suburbs of London; it’s bustling yet calm and relaxing.

For the short three days here, I went for the city hop on & off tour to catch the highlights. Like all European cities, Dublin has its own charm, history, and beauty. A must-see is Trinity College, whose library holds the famous Book of Kells, within its collection, a tome transcribed by Celtic monks from 800 AD. A little detour from creed, I highly recommend a tour of the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Distillery. For a complete Irish bar experience; I suggest going to the Temple Bar. They have it all- live singers with fiddles, pipes, and all the beer and whiskey you could ever want. I found the Irish people to be extremely friendly and polite; on a side note, I love their accents. Initially, I thought they would sound more or so like the English people, but to my surprise, it was better, they have a bit more swag lol. Getting around in Dublin is quite easy, reliable local transportation or just Uber a taxi. Dublin’s dining options are just as abundant as its drinking holes. A big shout-out to a good friend of mine, as an Ireland native he helped us with all the recommendations to all the local hits.

I am so happy to be in Europe, more so this time with my husband. Pieces of my heart can be found in the many European cities I have visited. Even though Prashant is a lousy plane companion, he makes a great travel buddy. We like to get right down to the business of exploring the culture and getting a taste of the local life. I wish to visit Ireland again, with a bit more time to properly check out its countryside and other cities like Cork. I am headed to Greece next, so stay tuned for all the best gyro and souvlaki recommendations and on other Greek favorites…!!!

Until the next one,

Slán Leat

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